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Core Values

Our mission is to inspire NGOs to see the value in risk management

We see a world in which the efforts of development and humanitarian actors are enriched with a deeper understanding of the socio-political complexities present within the operational environment. Through information sharing and collaborative partnerships, we help NGOs navigate dangerous threat environments. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the initiatives of these global actors by arming them with effective strategies to reduce risk exposure and vulnerabilities.

About us

We exist to help you maximise the effectiveness of exploitable intelligence

PGW was created from a passion to help others.

Our international experiences have shaped our commitment to raising awareness for the necessity of risk management in the non-governmental sector. With over 140 aid worker deaths in the last year, the need for an enhanced understanding of operational threats is critical.

In a nutshell, we are the new face of global risk management, and we aim to strengthen the initiatives of the non-governmental sector. Through access to intelligence and pro-active analysis, we design strategies that stimulate resilience to uncertainty. Delivered to you through clear and transparent reporting at every stage of the process.

We are determined to bolster the initiatives of those working to build sustainable livelihoods across the globe.

We want to enact change.


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NGO Risk Management

Good security management is not about being risk averse

It is about identifying threats and developing appropriate risk management measures to enable the programmes to be delivered safely.

Threat /θrɛt/ noun
Safety, security or other forms of challenges to your staff, assets, organisation, reputation or programming that exists in the context where you operate.

Risk Assessment/rɪsk əˈsɛsmənt/noun
What are the threats that you face?
What are your vulnerabilities to those threats?
What is the probability of the threat occurring, and what is the potential impact on your organisation or programme?

A clear understanding of the threats and risks you face is essential in safety & security risk management. Threats are wide reaching and may include:

  • Physical Threats: Kidnapping, Terrorism, Crime, Civil Unrest, Hijacking, Assault, Sexual Violence
  • Organisational Threats: Legal Disputes, Corruption, Reputational & Political Risks (government stability, national elections)
  • Environmental Threats: Natural Disasters, Health/Medical Issues (disease outbreaks, famine), Traffic Collisions
  • The first critical step in safety and security planning is to complete a risk assessment. That’s where we come in.

    • 'The highly skilled team at PGW Global Risk Management offers a truly innovative service that is sorely needed – complex strategic risk management services for NGOs. Every international NGO should have the benefit of such expertise.'

      Jennifer Oetzel - Professor of International Business at Kogod School of Business American University

    • 'PGW's dedication to managing political risk through multi-stakeholder platforms in the non-profit sector is commendable.'

      Ayse Saka-Helmhout- Associate Professor of Strategic Management at Nijmegen School of Management Radboud University

    Our Process

    1. Listen & Learn

    We start by getting a deep understanding of your organisation, we then analyse your priorities, goals and the sector(s) you operate in. This is where we start to develop an understanding of the challenges you face and how you want to combat them.

    2. Investigation & Intelligence Collection

    Identifying all of the relevant risks that your organisation faces makes up stage 2 of our process. We gather intelligence and information from multiple sources to give you a clearer picture of the threats that are playing out on the ground.

    3. Streamlining Product

    We integrate our carefully designed risk management plan into your mission, detail a clear and logical delivery and translate ideas into action. We strip back all of the jargon involved in our investigations to give you an accessible strategy that you feel confident in implementing.

    4. Monitoring & Informing

    Our relationship with you is important to us and we recognise that the dynamics on the ground can change quickly. That is why we continuously track recognised risks, whilst constantly updating your implementation strategy to account for emerging threats.


    We enable NGOs to make confident, informed risk management decisions with timely and actionable intelligence.

    PGW provides proactive strategic security intelligence and analysis to guide effective humanitarian and development risk management decision-making.

    Core Advisory Services

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    Supplementary Advisory Services

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    Who We Work With

    Civil Society

    • We work with the public sector and community services, enabling them to safely and effectively deliver aid services around globe.
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    • We work with private sector organisations to provide decision support, monitor risks, enhance due diligence and mitigate challenges such as regulatory issues stemming from corruption.
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    Defence & Security

    • We also work with law enforcement, government and military entities across the world.
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